Videos on ethical arguments about abortion

Here are some videos that review a PowerPoint presentation on arguments about abortion that was recently developed for teaching purposes; those slides are at the bottom of the page. This page's content is also available at

A two-minute video that engages two of the most common basic arguments against abortion (also at TikTok):

A two-minute video on personhood (also on TikTok):

A series of videos that give an overview of the issues.

1 of 5: Introduction and Defining Abortion:

2 of 5: Question-Begging Arguments about Abortion:

3 of 5: Common, "Everyday" Arguments about Abortion:

4 of 5: Arguments that Abortion is Prima Facie Wrong:

5 of 5: Arguments that Abortion is Prima Facie Permissible and Conclusions:

"Brain in a Vat" podcast discussion:

Promethean podcast discussion:

PowerPoint slides:

These slides in PDF.

Some images: