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Below is a partial archive of the blog posts and other writings and materials developed after the publication of the book Thinking Critically About Abortion. Many of these posts are inspired by post-publication observations about how people often engage these issues, other posts discuss further arguments, and other posts recommend other readings and resources.

Blog Posts


Articles at Salon:

Article at the American Journal of Bioethics:

Article at Areo:

Brief overviews:

On "When Life Begins," a common anti-abortion concern; responses to Steve Jacobs:

On whether embryos and fetuses are "human," "humans, "human beings," "human organisms," whether each is "a human," a common anti-abortion concern:

Bad anti-abortion / "pro-life" arguments:

On Personhood:

Bad pro-choice arguments and critiques of their engagement with the issues:

Some responses to critics:

An addendum to Thinking Critically About Abortion:

Further Resources:


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