Saturday, October 7, 2023

Some TikTok videos on abortion and ethics

Here are some of my TikTok videos on abortion-related issues. Many of them amount to observing that: 

anti-abortion people tend to be unable or unwilling to think about how various important words and cognate words (such as "alive," "life," "living" and "human") have multiple meanings, which result in different arguments for each meaning;

pro-choice people often think that a mere appeal to bodily autonomy just "settles" the issue and "proves" their point of view: no, it really doesn't and them getting out of this bubble would be good and useful;

anti-abortion extremists tend to think that they have some simple "gotcha" response that shows that there are not good objections to their view and that they have good arguments for their views: no, they don't. 

So here are some videos on those themes and more.

Some of them observe some of the errors with what Monica Snyder of "Secular Pro Life" says; other videos observe the same with Emily Albrecht of the "Equal Rights Institute." 
@nathan.nobis "Ambiguity denial": on denying that "alive" and "human" and related terms have multiple meanings, in bioethics, especially in discussions of abortion and end of life cases. #abortion #prochoice #prolife #bioethics #ethics #philosophy #ambiguity #listening #communication ♬ original sound - Philosophy 101 - Prof. Nobis

More soon!

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