Thursday, November 25, 2021

PhilPapers Survey on Abortion

The 2020 PhilPapers survey response on abortion is below: this is a survey of professional academic philosophers on their views on various issues, including abortion. One of these below is the general response; other responses are from people who claim specialties in applied ethics or normative ethics. 

There must be a better way to share this data other than these not great screenshots, but it looks like only about 10-15% of philosophers who took the survey believe that early abortions are typically wrong. 

The question then is: what explains this? Is it because they have special knowledge, understanding, and skills relevant to the issues, which leads them to these conclusions? Or is a better explanation along the lines of at least on this issue philosophers are immoral, philosophers engage in motivated reasoning, and/or philosophers want to accept bad arguments, and so on?

I share this so others can check out this survey data themselves; it's interesting!


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