Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Response video to William Lane Craig on Abortion

William Lane Craig had a little video on abortion which I made a little "response" video to. Since I don't really know how TikTok responses work--or how to make them work best--I'm reposting here too.  


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  1. You deny inalienable human rights, turning them into privileges based on something other than being a member of the human species:Your personal opinion of the "value" of aquired qualities & characteristics. w/o serious weaponry, convince the Taliban not to burn me in my bed

    1. This is interesting. It sounds like you could be interested in learning more about the main theories for why human beings have rights. Section 2.2. here -- "2.2 Normative Justifications for Human Rights" -- could be of interest:


      And, no, you would have rights against the Taliban or anyone like that. But you are quite different from, say, an embryo, despite you both being biologically human, or even human organisms. Thinking about those differences will get you to ideas about the basis of human rights.