Friday, October 16, 2020

A Response to Clinton Wilcox's review of 'Thinking Critically About Abortion' at "Secular Pro-Life"

Last year in 2019 an organization called “Secular Pro-Life” posted a partial book review by Clinton Wilcox of Thinking Critically About Abortion. It is over 9,000 words, which is very long for a review. (The whole book is around 13,000 words, and Wilcox doesn't review the whole book). 

I have been unsure about how to respond, given the length and format of the presentation, but I decided the most effective way would be to just add “comments” to it: a "he says they say but I say about what he says about what they say" type of response won't work here. So, with Wilcox’s permission, I cut and pasted his reviews into a Doc and added comments here. I don't, however, offer any "big picture" or summarizing reflections here, for better or worse: I'll leave it up to any readers to step back and reflect on that, if they want.

I sometimes slightly edit his text by adding paragraph breaks to paragraphs with multiple topics to make it easier on any (online) reader.

His initial posts are here: part one is here, part two here, and part three is here.

Also, here is a response to an earlier response from Wilcox to my 1000-Word Philosophy article on abortion.

All other blog posts are available here.

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